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Caring for our environment

The Science of Caring for our Environment

We have obligations to protect our marine environment which we take seriously. We have adopted several methods to achieve this.

Bird Scaring Devices

Tori Lines
These are material streamers on lines which go out like kites behind the vessels to discourage birds from coming near to the vessel and fishing nets.

Fixed Aerial Arrays
These operate as booms at the back of the vessel with streamers on them which obstructs the seabirds and mammals from coming near the nets during hauls. This in turn prevents them becoming trapped in the nets or lines and mitigates moralities.


Other Mitigation

Discard Tanks
These are storage tanks for the discarded fish and squid which are only released once the vessel has ceased fishing operations. This mitigates the number of marine mammals and birds from coming near the vessel during operations.
Seal Exclusion Devices (SED)
This is a system to allow any seals who enter the nets whilst fishing to have an escape route to mitigate drowning. The SED forms a door in the net for an exit.


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