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Caring for our environment

The Science of Caring for our Environment

We have obligations to protect our marine environment which we take seriously. We have adopted several methods to achieve this.

Bird Scaring Devices

Tori Lines
These are material streamers on lines which go out like kites behind the vessels to discourage birds from coming near to the vessel and fishing nets.

Fixed Aerial Arrays
These operate as booms at the back of the vessel with streamers on them which obstructs the seabirds and mammals from coming near the nets during hauls. This in turn prevents them becoming trapped in the nets or lines and mitigates moralities.


Other Mitigation

Discard Tanks
These are storage tanks for the discarded fish and squid which are only released once the vessel has ceased fishing operations. This mitigates the number of marine mammals and birds from coming near the vessel during operations.
Seal Exclusion Devices (SED)
This is a system to allow any seals who enter the nets whilst fishing to have an escape route to mitigate drowning. The SED forms a door in the net for an exit.


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About Us

A Little History

Beauchene Fishing Company Ltd, are a Falkland Islands company based in the capital Stanley, at the forefront of the Falklands' lucrative squid and finfish fishery.

The company was originally created in 1988 to participate in the newly formed fishery. In 2003, Falkland Islanders Cheryl and Peter Roberts, on recognising the massive potential value of the rich fishing grounds within the Islands' conservation zones, purchased the company.

We are a small family-orientated company employing six full time staff. We work with two large stern trawlers through our JV companies, South Atlantic Squid Co Ltd and Igueldo Fisheries (F.I.) Co Ltd.

With hard work, dedication and an innate understanding of hurdles that face a South Atlantic based organisation, we have established ourselves as a major player amongst the Falklands situated companies fishing the Islands' 200-nautical-mile economic zone. Covid has tested our determination to succeed in an uncertain world; all of our companies have risen to that challenge and thankfully so far have been successful.

Did you know

Beauchene Island, from which our company is named, is a small island 34 miles south of the southernmost point of East Falkland. First discovered by Jacques Gouin de Beauchêne in 1701, it is currently uninhabited although the ruins of houses built in the 1830’s can be found on the west side of the island.

Due to its isolation from the rest of the islands, Beauchene is free from introduced predators and is an important breeding ground for a wide variety of bird species; because of this the island is a protected area and can only be visited with permission from the Falkland Islands Executive Committee.

Company Directors

  • Cheryl Roberts

    Managing Director

  • Bradley Roberts

    Operations Director

  • Nicole Socodo


Joint Venture Companies

Igueldo Fisheries FI Co Ltd

Igueldo Fisheries FI. Co. Ltd operates in conjunction with Beauchene Fishing and Pesquera Echalar which operates the fishing vessel Igueldo.

Pesquera Echalar is located in the Port of Marin, Pontevedra, Spain. Products are available via its marketing company Marfrio.

Visit Marfrio Site

South Atlantic Squid Ltd is a company run between Beauchene Fishing and Copemar which previously operated the fishing vessel Baffin Bay around the Falkland Islands.

Copemar is based in Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain and directly conducts their own marketing via Copemar.

Visit Copemar site

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